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At the Wyoming Watercolor Society annual meeting held on August 16, 2019, long-time administrator of the society Karen Myers, retired. Karen has been the administrator for more than 15 years. In addition, President Misty Plott and Vice President Paulette Kucera resigned their positions. These two members have served the Wyoming Watercolor Society in some capacity for over 20 years. The members that were present were asked if they would serve and there were no volunteers. On August 24, 2019, a survey was sent to all Wyoming Watercolor Society members in good standing and who had provided an email address. The survey was an effort to determine the level of interest in continuing the “Range of Vision Show”, the “Watercolor Wyoming National Show” and the workshop.  Over half of the members replied to the survey. Results from the members who responded indicated that 72% would like a more central location for shows and workshops such as Casper. This was reinforced by the number of members who volunteered their help with the “Range of Vision” show. Many of the respondents indicated that a national show and a workshop were important to them, however most were not willing to volunteer to coordinate these two events. And no one has come forward as officers. As a designated 501(c)6 organization, a President, a Vice President and a Secretary/Treasurer are required. So, after 34 years of promoting the art of watercolor in the State of Wyoming, the time has come to dissolve the Wyoming Watercolor Society and hand over the best of what we do to a new group with the energy and commitment to take it forward. The current/resigning officers of the society have voted to dissolve the Wyoming Watercolor Society and donate the remaining funds to support the “Range of Vision” show and the national workshop being offered by ART321.   

We bid you farewell and thank you for your participation in the workshops and shows.

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